View each part of the Honda CRX restoration project from latest to the very earliest post.

  • Radiator, Fuel Delivery, Shifter
    2021 is going to be the year this car gets finished. Well, I guess project cars are never really finished. Nevertheless, I spent the weekend installing some Skunk2 components and replaced the radiator.
  • Transmission Repair & Suspension Upgrade at Agile Automotive Performance
    Agile Automotive Performance helped diagnose the issues in the transmission. The transmission was rebuild by GearSpeed and reinstalled by Agile along with new suspension components.
  • Transmission Repair at Agile Automotive
    I decided to repair or replace the Y1 cable transmission. After searching for a reputable transmission shop, I found Agile Automotive in Maryland. They are helping to coordinate rebuilding the Y1 transmission.
  • Reassembling the Roof, Doors, Rear, and Interior
    The CRX was back from the paint shop and ready for be reassembled. I spent two weeks putting the roof, hatch, rear bumper, doors, and interior back together with (mostly) labeled and documented parts.
  • Paint
    It’s finally happening!  It’s been almost 3 years since I purchased the CRX from South Carolina.  Now that the body was work completed, it’s time for a new coat of paint.  I was able to schedule time with Heritage Auto Collision in Carlisle, PA to have the CRX painted.  Dan and his team painted the…
  • Rear Floor Pan & Engine Bay
    There were still a few items remaining on the list before the car could be considered ready for paint.  The first order of business was to patch up the rear floor pan.  There were several spots that needed attention in the main well where the spare is stored.  We were able to cut a piece…
  • Engine Removal
    The engine and transmission were removed to prepare for painting the engine bay.
  • Front Floor Pan
    It was time to tackle the front floor pan.  Last week we cut out the driver’s seat rear anchors from the donor car.  This week my goal was to remove the rusted anchors, refinish the donor anchors, and install them.  I also wanted to undercoat the entire front floor pan.  There were some additional blemishes in…
  • Second Coat of Primer
    We needed to block sand the first coat of primer with 320 grit and apply a second coat for that ultimate silky smooth finish.  Unfortunately, black paint shows every imperfection on the body.  It needed to be perfect.  Every bump and groove needed to be sanded smooth.  Even though it’s a tiny car, most of…
  • Prime Time
    This weekend’s goal was to get the car in primer. We sanded both doors, the hatch, and the fenders by hand and with an orbital sander. There were quite a few dents in the door, so multiple passes with 80 and 150 grit were needed. We dropped the sunroof assembly out to sand the roof.…
  • Driver Side Quarter Panel
    It was time to tackle the other side of the car.  The passenger quarter panel installation went smoothly.  The only major difference with the driver side panel was the fuel door indentation.  The new factory quarter panel already had the fuel door area fabricated and it turned out to be an easy fit. The same…
  • Passenger Side Quarter Panel, Part 2
    The priority was getting primer on the newly exposed metal after welding the passenger side quarter panel in place. After some light sanding and final touch-ups, we prepped the area around the panel for primer and began coating.
  • Passenger Side Quarter Panel, Part 1
    Today began the process of installing the OEM quarter panels I purchased in January.  But first, more supplies had to be purchased. 3” 36-grit grinding disks 1 gallon of 2k gray primer Three-quarter inch and two inch green masking tape 18” masking paper 8mm spot weld drill bit 3” cutoff wheel The first order of…
  • Replacement Quarter Panels
    I purchased rare original replacement quarter panels for the 1988 CRX. I drove to New York City to pick them up and brought them back to be installed.
  • Rear Panel Repair
    Using metal from the first CRX, the rear panel of the ’88 from South Carolina was repaired. The doors were also disassembled and the hood was sanded.
  • Passenger Side Bay
    Passenger Side Bay Repair
  • Rear Teardown
    The initial teardown of the recently acquired CRX from South Carolina. I looked at the extent of the rust on the rear panel and quarter panels and determined the best course of action to repair them.
  • Potential CRX #6 Pickup
    I decided to purchase the 1988 CRX Si from South Carolina. I rented a trunk and towed it all the way to back Pennsylvania.
  • Potential CRX #6
    I made the decision to cut my losses with the CRX.  The body was too far gone.  Almost every main panel had some form of rust damage and the parts are very difficult to find.  Even if I could find the parts, the floor pans alone would cost over $1200 combined.  After crunching some numbers,…
  • Move to the Garage
    Move to the Garage
  • Teardown
    CRX Teardown
  • Original Wheels and Engine Cleaning
    Original Wheels and Engine Cleaning
  • Initial Cleaning
    After purchasing the 1988 CRX, I drove it home to begin assessing just how much work was needed to restore it. The first step was to clean exterior and interior and begin identifying any immediate mechanical and cosmetic issues.
  • Potential CRX #5
    While continuing to browse Craigslist and local ads, I found this 1988 Honda CRX Si for sale in Erie, PA. I ended up purchasing it and made a crazy drive back to the garage to begin the restoration process.
  • Potential CRX #3
    I found another used CRX on Craigslist in the western New York area. I decided to give it look despite the pictures looking somewhat questionable.
  • Potential CRX #2
    After several dead ends on Craigslist, I found a listing in Toronto for a 1988 CRX Si.  I was initially concerned about the origin of the car as the Canadian market was different than the USDM.  The owner assured me the car came from the United States.  Turns out the car spent most of its life…
  • Potential CRX #1
    I began searching eBay and Craigslist and found a potential CRX for sale in Syracuse, NY. I had a chance to evaluate and test drive the car in hopes of finding the perfect candidate for the restoration project.
  • The Blista Dream
    I randomly discovered the Honda CRX playing a video game as a teenager. Now I’d like to go out and buy this 26-year-old tiny car before they disappear!