Featured - DYI Carbonated Water

DYI Homemade Carbonated Water

It's possible (and very easy) to make carbonated water without purchasing cases or bottles at the grocery store. Making bubbly beverages at home saves money and produces less waste, and it only takes a minute to make.

Building or Rebuilding a MySQL Replica Instance

MySQL primary-replica setups using log positioning are fairly common practice. Occasionally, the replica instance becomes corrupt or out-of-sync with the primary. These steps will help reset the primary instance and establish a new starting point for bin logging. On the primary, reset the primary and lock the tables. Next, show the status to obtain bin log position information. Note the…

Using hiera-eyaml in Visual Studio Code

I've been working with hiera's awesome eyaml backend to encrypt secrets, certificates, and keys within Puppet. As it turns out, there's an extension available for Visual Studio Code that allows for encryption and decryption of hiera eyaml data directly within the editor. Here's how to set it up!