It’s finally happening!  It’s been almost 3 years since I purchased the CRX from South Carolina.  Now that the body was work completed, it’s time for a new coat of paint.  I was able to schedule time with Heritage Auto Collision in Carlisle, PA to have the CRX painted.  Dan and his team painted the entire chassis, fenders, engine bay, bumpers, and garnishes.  It took about a month to complete and it was definitely worth the wait.  Dan and his team at Heritage did a fantastic job.  They mixed the original NH-526M Flint Black Metallic paint – the factory color for this model.  The color is perfect, complete with the subtle purple-gold glow when the sun hits it.

Unfortunately, Heritage wasn’t able to do as much with the garnishes.  Finding them and getting them to Heritage proved to be a challenge in of itself.  There are seven garnishes on each side of the CRX and each one needed to be removed from storage.  A fair amount of time had passed since these parts were removed.  I spent the better part of a day looking for all of these pieces and reorganizing all of the loose components in storage.  On top of that, I had duplicates of many parts from the first ’88 CRX I had purchased.  There were a few garnishes that I missed after the first pass, and I had to deliver them to Heritage after they had started work on the chassis.  In the end, the main reason why Heritage could not perfect the garnishes was because of the type of plastic.  Special type of paint and treatment is needed to properly smooth out and paint this type of plastic.  They were able to undercoat the trim which still gave it a new look while complimenting the car’s color.

Overall I am very happy with how the car turned out.  Great work, Heritage Auto Collision!

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