Featured - DYI Carbonated Water

DYI Homemade Carbonated Water

It's possible (and very easy) to make carbonated water without purchasing cases or bottles at the grocery store. Making bubbly beverages at home saves money and produces less waste, and it only takes a minute to make.

Using Box with Subsonic Music Streamer

The Box platform was used as the source for media to stream with Subsonic. WebDAV provided by Box made it possible to mount the Box instance as a local filesystem so that Subsonic could read the media files. Additionally, a Box sync script was created to synchronize a local directory with the WebDAV instance.


This script checks a Windows service's health. It can report on CPU utilization, memory, and paging faults. This script uses WMI to check the state and status of the process as reported by WMI. If CPU, Memory, or Fault warning and critical parameters have been provided, the script will also compare the counters obtained from the process with these numbers.