Honda CRX Restoration

Popular for its light weight, nimble handling, and fuel efficiently, the Honda CRX brought a breath of fresh air to the compact market in the 1980s.  It helped originate the aftermarket auto scene with its simple yet efficient construction and wide availability of parts.  It provided a perfect fusion of sporty sub-compact style, economical cost, and most importantly – the thrill of driving.  The 1988 Honda CRX marked the beginning of the second and final generation of the car.  It received many accolades, including Car and Driver’s 10 Best List for 1988 and MotorTrend’s Import Car of the Year award.  The Honda CRX truly captures the spirit of Honda in the 1980s and early 1990s.

My goal is to find, restore, and enjoy an original CRX.  I’m happy to share my experience on this site.  Keep checking in for more updates! 

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