Initial Cleaning

After purchasing the 1988 CRX, I drove it home to begin assessing just how much work was needed to restore it. The first step was to clean exterior and interior and begin identifying any immediate mechanical and cosmetic issues.

Potential CRX #5

While continuing to browse Craigslist and local ads, I found this 1988 Honda CRX Si for sale in Erie, PA. I ended up purchasing it and made a crazy drive back to the garage to begin the restoration process.

Potential CRX #2

After several dead ends on Craigslist, I found a listing in Toronto for a 1988 CRX Si.  I was initially concerned about the origin of the car as the Canadian market was different than the USDM.  The owner assured me the car came from the United States.  Turns out the car spent most of its life in Chicago and only recently…