This script checks a Windows service's health. It can report on CPU utilization, memory, and paging faults. This script uses WMI to check the state and status of the process as reported by WMI. If CPU, Memory, or Fault warning and critical parameters have been provided, the script will also compare the counters obtained from the process with these numbers.

Prime Time

This weekend’s goal was to get the car in primer. We sanded both doors, the hatch, and the fenders by hand and with an orbital sander. There were quite a few dents in the door, so multiple passes with 80 and 150 grit were needed. We dropped the sunroof assembly out to sand the roof. The sunroof motor will also…

Migrating a MySQL Database Using mysqldump

Migrating a MySQL database from one server to another is a quick process when you have shell access to both locations.  mysqldump can be used to create a SQL script that will recreate the database on the new server. 1. Dump the Database Connect to the first server.  Use mysqldump to dump the database to a file. The contents of this…

Driver Side Quarter Panel

It was time to tackle the other side of the car.  The passenger quarter panel installation went smoothly.  The only major difference with the driver side panel was the fuel door indentation.  The new factory quarter panel already had the fuel door area fabricated and it turned out to be an easy fit. The same procedure as the passenger quarter…