Transmission Repair & Suspension Upgrade at Agile Automotive Performance

Agile Automotive Performance in Forest Hill, Maryland helped diagnose the transmission issues. They also recommended new suspension components due to the age and amount of play in the original suspension. The CRX also had a few remaining engine issues that needed to be addressed.

The CRX was initially brought to Agile to troubleshoot a binding issue when the car turns at slow speeds. The passenger-side wheel skipped and there was a large amount of chatter during slow turns. The axles were suspect at first, but the transmission’s limited-slip differential was found to be at fault. The transmission was removed and rebuilt by GearSpeed in California with new carbon synchros, bearings, and a new Kaaz 1.5 way limited-slip differential.

The suspension also received numerous upgrades. New Skunk2 Pro-S II coilovers replaced the original springs and struts. Skunk2 alpha control arms were installed to replace the aged rear lower control arms. All bushings were also replaced. Blox rear trailing arms and camber arms were also installed.

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Lastly, Agile addressed some issues related to ignition. The engine occasionally stalled during test drives. A new distributor, fuel pump relay, and water temperature sensor were installed. In addition, the vacuum lines were checked and replaced.

Agile did a fantastic job diagnosing and sourcing replacement components. Tony really knows his stuff and I highly recommend working with them regardless of the application.

Jimmy McNatt
Jimmy McNatt
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